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  • Steven Cholerton, Arten Science, just keeps cranking away: not only has he a major new release of ContaxCRM 2.0, his cross platform CRM app, but he’s scored a big win by getting it and another of his products into Amazon. How did he pull this off? “I was approached by an agent in Feb. who has secured a UK/European distribution deal for a boxed version of some of my products and then he secured a US deal. Hopefully the Apple stores will take the boxed product as well,” Steve emailed.
  • Are you a doing a .NET microISV? Nicolas Cadilhac’s Shopmvc may make a lot of your business admin pains stop hurting so much. It’s still in alpha, but Nic is looking for a few alpha testers who will help him debug and shape the product. Email Nic your story, needs and why ShopMvc could fit the bill for you, and you could win a lifetime free license.
  • Bryan Lee, Pandali, has released a new version of Pandali Folder Master for Outlook, which makes it very easy to file an email in multiple folders, manage multiple folders and more. Pandali Folder Master for Outlook costs $29 with a 30-day free trial and is available for download from

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  • Here’s an utterly awesome video – not just because of the content, but because of the form. And by the way, RSA like TED, have their lectures online and mobile.
  • Want to know if the Business of Software is really as awesome as so many people have said? Check out the definitive post by Patrick McKenzie: Lessons Learned At Business of Software 2010. (I’m going next year if I have to walk.)
  • I really agree: what we need is a martial art for and about online life. Here’s a start: Xinfu: The Martial Art of emailing. From Breakfast 2.0.
  • And finally, who’s this handsome devil and how did he get into such a great interface? (I’m green with envy Andy!), The Startup Success Podcast and other plugs:

  • What’s new at ( is a subscription-based community of startup founders; if you’re not already a member, get your free 30 day free trial membership):
    • No new guides this period.
  • New at the Startup Success Podcast:
    • Show #87 [link] [iTunes]. This week Bob and Pat talk with Lisa Gansky, serial startup founder and author of The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing. There’s a trend, perhaps even a movement, decoupling access to services and products from ownership, and we talk with Lisa about the startup opportunities that the Mesh economic model makes possible. Software is now firmly established as a service – what happens when physical objects plus cloud infrastructure equals a better experience at a lower cost than actually owning everything we sometimes need?
  • Tired of being stuck in neutral in your startup? Why not do a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh? Instead of hypotheticals and too much information, Bob will work with you for an hour via Skype developing 8 to 10 specific todos that will get your startup in gear. Here’s what one recent client had to say:

    “I was flabbergasted at how far my product strategy progressed during a single consulting session. Bob gained a thorough understanding of my market and its potential within a few minutes and was then was able to define and refine the core steps I need to follow. They should put me well on my way to achieving my business goals.” — Gareth Hayter,

    Details at

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