Pat and I were interviewing Jeff Haynie, founder of Appcelerator yesterday and something he said in passing stuck in my mind: “We don’t get lost anymore.”
It’s true – between maps on our phones, GPS, everyone a cellphone call away, when’s the last time you relied on a published printed map to move spatially from point A to point B?
Where we do get lost – hopelessly, totally, don’t-know-where-the-hell-I-am kind of lost – is navigating all the opportunities, data, services, communities, news, and noise on the web. A couple of examples: do you know what you’re going to read or watch or listen to online next? At least in the real ocean when you surf there’s a beach.
Here’s another example closer to home: how many programming tools have you found online which could have significantly improved your skills and abilities, but instead got lost in your daily info avalanche? Over a year ago Jeff told me (and you if you listen to our podcast) about Appcelerator. Now there’s over 6,000 apps in the iPhone App Store built with it. That’s 6,000 more apps than I ever found my way to writing with Objective C. How about you?
And not so incidentally, Jeff announced today $9 million in series B funding for Appcelerator, and a new serious partnership with PayPal to build out and scale the first real ubiquitous cross-mobile commerce platform. Kudos to Jeff for drawing his map and sticking to it.
Photo by mikeyashworth.

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