(Editor’s note: It’s high time I restarted the MicroISV Digest, so here goes. But this is only going to be interesting if you send me your microISV, startup, indie, whatever-you-call it, news. News like in you’ve launched, you’ve gotten your 1,000th customer, every microISV should read this post kind of news. Not I do PR, my lackwit client thinks anyone cares about going from 3.31 to 3.32 and I get paid by the mention type news.)

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  • What’s new at StartupToDo.com. (StartupToDo.com is a subscription-based community of startup founders; if you’re not already a member, get your free 30 day free trial membership):
  • New shows at the Startup Success Podcast:
    • We are up to Show #85 now; here’s the last 3 shows:
    • Show #85 [link] [iTunes]. Warning: This podcast contains language you may find offensive and is not for children.
      We break format for this show – to put it mildly. This is a (unexpected) recording of a conversation Patrick and Bob had after Pat’s return from the Business of Software Conference this year. You may find it interesting, you may hate it. But Pat strongly wants to include you in this conversation, and I’m going along with that. Let us know what you think.
    • Show #84 [link] [iTunes]. This week Bob and Pat interview Rob Walling, serial startup founder, creator of the Micropreneur Academy and author of Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup.
      Rob explains how micropreneurs – self-funded software founders – can do and should do market research, concrete things your startup should focus on, why Digg is not your friend, and why email – yes, email! – may be your best friend.
    • Show #83 [link] [iTunes]. This week Bob and Pat interview Brian Noll, co-founder of Code Complete Software, on how his company markets developer tools to enterprise. Brian’s firm is the North American marketing force for JetBrains and other software companies who want to crack the enterprise market.
      If you think you know how to sell to enterprise, realize this: we’re in a recession, Open Source has changed the game, and in this podcast Brian is kind enough to share the new rules.
  • Tired of being stuck in neutral in your startup? Why not do a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh? Instead of hypotheticals and too much information, Bob will work with you for an hour via Skype developing 8 to 10 specific todos that will get your startup in gear. Details at 47hats.com.

(If you have an announcement of interest to your fellow microISV, indies or startups, please email me at bob.walsh@47hats.com with the word digest in the subject.)

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