If you love science fiction (and what dev doesn’t, we live it everyday), I strongly commend to you Nathan Lowell’s “A Trader’s Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper”, starting with Quarter Share. No aliens will suck on your brains, cities explode, computers come alive or Industrial Light and Magic- grade special effects. Just a great tale of eighteen-year-old Ishmael Horatio Wang coming of age in a spacefaring society and confronting the same questions we all must grapple with: who are we, why are we.
I bought the first book in this series (Quarter Share (Solar Clipper Trader Tales)) to read in Kindle on my iPad, and after finishing that, went looking for the rest of the series – not to be found as of now on Amazon. Turns out that Nathan Lowell did this series as a “podiobook” at PodioBooks.com. His delivery is outstanding, they are free (but putting something into his tip jar would not be amiss). Also on iTunes.
And if history was never your thing, it’s time it became your thing: Start with Mike Duncan’s History of Rome iTunes podcasts. These aren’t the dreary old lectures you slept through in college: Mike has a talent for making history alive, witty, and interesting.

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