I think I’ve come up with a way to take your self-funded startup or microISV to the next level. I call it MicroConsult with Bob Walsh, and here’s the gist:

  • A one hour consultation via Skype/phone to define your biggest startup pain – market research, productivity, your web site, whatever – and collaboratively build a checklist of 8-10 specific, measurable tasks that you can do to make that pain stop, or at least hurt a lot less.
  • During that hour, you and I are going to nail down exactly what you need to do, set a deadline, make sure each task is well defined and doable.
  • This checklist will be in the form of a shared checklist on Checkvist.com (you’ll need a free account with this awesome online outliner). Why there? So we can both see as you work on your checklist. Also, I will be keeping in touch and keeping you focused on completing that checklist and getting the desired results.
  • You book a MicroConsult via the widget below, answering a few pre-consultation questions and paying via PayPal/CC for that hour ($147 USD).
  • At the end of that consultation, if you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, I’ll refund your $147 there and then.

Does it really work? Here’s what my first MicroConsult with Bob Walsh client has to say:

“As someone trying to get my self-funded startup going, both time and money are at a premium. I tried a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh because he had an outstanding reputation and I honestly did not have the time to read through hundreds of pages of potential useless or redundant material. Bob’s advice got me on the fast track to meeting my goals. Once I work through the checklist that he and I created, I plan on scheduling another session in order to help me get to the next stage in my startup’s life.”
Justin James, founder of RatCatcher


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