Update: if you are seeing this particular post, 47Hats is safe and secure in it’s new servers!
If all goes well and DNS propagation happens this weekend, the next 47Hats post will be fromt our shiny new awesome domain at WPEngine.
After putting up with godaddy’s inexplicable slowdowns, unpredictable site outages, db hangs, email timeouts, and other frustrations, moving to a startup focusing just on hosting WordPress right, run by people I trust, with customers I respect, will be a huge relief.
Look for the rollout of my new service from its new home on Monday!


  1. Bob Walsh Reply

    Now that this blog is running on WPEngine, I’m going to be tinkering with it the rest of this weekend – please excuse the temporary mess.

  2. Good to see your move went well. I’ve moved everything from godaddy too. I only had some marketing there, not our biz critical stuff, but it was just causing too much stress wondering if/ when I’d be safe to do a presentation and demo.

  3. Hey, Bob!
    Looks like a nice host. Wishing you well with them – and good move getting away from GoSlowDaddy! 🙂

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