Last night Twitter announced its awesome new web page layout/functionality.
This morning, like a few million other Twitterers, I started banging on my twitter page because I want the New and Shiny, and I want it now. New and Shiny beats productivity resolutions hands down, unfortunately.
But this is not about that – it’s about Ryan LeFevre (web developer, web designer, software engineer, and server administrator all bundled into one) and how he just cured me this morning of my latest New/Shiny productivity affliction. Am I Upgraded Yet? is a service Ryan created in less than 12 hours:

How does it work?We will periodically check to see if the new Twitter has been enabled for you account by polling the Twitter API. Once we discover you have been switched to the new account, we will send you a single Direct Message (from your own account) to notify you. This works best when you have Direct Message email notification on.
We will not publicly tweet anything on your behalf, cause that’s not cool. Also, please note that I give no guarantee as to whether the application will work. It is based off of an assumption about user info retrieved from the Twitter API which I’m 90% sure is true. Either way, it will not spam you with tweets or requests.

A couple things worth saying:

  • Add a bit of this and that, a few testimonials, expand to my choice of services and start charging $2 a month and Ryan will be in business.
  • Perfect example: startup opportunities happen at the edges. Right now social media is the bleeding edge and people will pay to solve a pain (I want my New/Shiny, where is it?) that did not exist 6 months ago before Twitter started eating its client app children.
  • First counts. Ryan is getting about 30 tweets a minute and is up to 1,681 new followers right now.
  • Want to beat Ryan at his own game, go for it. Better still, what other problems can you solve in my online life?

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