I tend to write books when something in my life is very painful. My first book was dealing with the pain of all those non-programming things you have to do to sell commercial Windows desktop software; my last was getting my head around what a bootstrapping web startup needs to do.
The pain I’m feeling right now is huge and growing sharper day by day. Social media, Internet disruption, the Media Tsunami, infinite information and a thousand-fold increase in people and things wanting my attention is smashing into the old industrial ways I’ve depended on to be productive, make a living, get things done. It’s like watching the tide wash away the sandcastle you live in: increasingly, the ways to make value, communicate, get things done, build, connect don’t work. Or, they now work so badly they’ve become part of the problem: remember when people thought email would make individuals and companies more productive?
The New Productivity: Producing Value in the Internet/Social Age” is the working title. (I just bought thenewproductivity.com :)). It will not be an Apress book. It might not be a physical book at all – it belongs on Kindle/iBooks/ePub. But I’m going to go out there and see who else is feeling this pain and try and find some answers above and beyond the millions of existing tips on the web on being “more productive.”
Comments, suggestions, sharing your pain in hopes I can find something that will help are most welcome on this post or via bob.walsh@47hats.com or@bobwalsh.
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  1. If you want an example, I started the Code Anthem blog so that I would attract people to be beta testers. I was starting from nothing, so I was hoping I could get 50 beta testers, but the response has been huge and continues to grow. That is all from adding value through my blog and twitter. It was definitely a lot of work, but absolutely necessary, I think.
    As for purchasing a book, I would not be interested in a “social media” book. I am comfortable using the tools out there and have found most “resources” to be more wrong than right and more obvious that insightful.
    I would be interested in new and effective strategies for coping with information overload and maintaining your focus/vision through all the distractions. For example, I subscribe to probably a hundred startup blogs, read books, listen to podcasts, etc. How can I synthesize all of that information, sometimes contradictory, in a way that is actionable and prioritized?

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