I’m about 40 pounds overweight; worse, odds are good you are too.
If you are reading this you probably spend your days in front of a computer, your nights in front of a computer and year by year your weight is creeping up.
The old industrial way to stop looking so bovine was to go to a centralized facility on a regular schedule (a gym) and perform specific movements in a specific way. As an added bonus you might meet a someone attractive.
Worked for me 25 years ago; not so much now when I’m dealing with ten times more work, a hundred times more people and a thousand times more things clamoring for attention.
With apologies and kudos to Linda Stone and her meme of Continuous Partial Attention, Factory exercise is so 20th century. It’s time for Continuous Partial Exercise. Spend a few bucks and load up your iPhone with Hundred Pushups, Two Hundred Squats, Two Hundred Situps and for extra credit if you have a chinup bar, 20 Chinups. When you’ve been working for an hour or two, fire up one of these apps and do it.
Don’t have an iPhone or don’t like these apps? There are others. If all else fails, find a fitness site with a mobile interface.
If your manager asks what you are doing, tell them your lowering the company’s health care costs. If the office Mr. Negativity chimes in, tell him you’re planning to outlive him. If someone cute asks you, ask them to join in, or invite them to do some social group exercises like Robert Scoble is.
The point is use disruptive postindustrial technologies to disrupt some of that fat that’s dragging you down.


  1. Beatrix Willius Reply

    The point of a fitness club is that you want to get something out of the money that you pay for it. For me excercise only works if I allocate fixed times for it and it needs to be out of my house.

  2. Bob,
    Great post. I was recently trying to figure out how I could commit to consistent exercise every day so I started a fund raiser. I started running back in April and was taking days off here and there (mostly so my body could recover) and I wasn’t sure I could run every day.
    Fast forward to the beginning of this month and I have been running at least 4 miles a day and using that to motivate people to donate to The American Cancer Society in honor of two great people in my life who are waging difficult battles with the disease.
    I use http://www.mapmyrun.com to keep track of my running and then pump the data over to my charity fan page on Facebook.
    Michael Gerber talks about The Fat Guy vs. The Skinny Guy [“E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”] battle that rages inside all of us and then applies this theory to being an entrepreneur and figuring out “which guy are you?”.
    Stop. Exercise. Get back to work.

  3. I saw a TV special once on why some people are more obsese than others. They’d done an intensive study where they had people in enclosed rooms where they could measure their oxygen consumption, etc. (so calories right down to the molecule!).
    They found that the thin people had a higher RESTING METABOLISM. So they were burning more calories just sitting.
    CCE might possibly boost your metabolism a bit. Not sure if it would help Cardio much though.

  4. Bob Walsh Reply

    Beatrix – have to disagree there. The point is getting the results. While getting out of the house/office is a good thing, the switching cost in terms of time may be too high for a lot of people.
    John – and that’s the dilemma for those of use not in our 20s who can run all day, booze all night and wake up fresh as daisies the next morning. (enjoy that while it lasts guys). I think there’s a good comparison to be made between CPE and Continuous Integration: small, cumulative improvements with low risk, low technical debt and great results.

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