The brave new world we are building online has it’s share of brave new problems:

  • Does the Internet remain a level playing field or do large corporations “help” it by picking and choosing whose bits are more important (theirs)?
  • How do we deal with the Media Tsunami that is growing to truly¬†apocalyptic size day by day?
  • Humans can only make so many decisions a day: after that our brains turn to mush. Between the web and social media, our supply of decisionmaking is wiped out before we start whatever we do to earn money.

He’s one answer to that last problem: reduce the number of trivial decisions you make each day by making checklists for all the routine stuff. Then instead of wasting XX decisions feeding the cats every day, you conserve those decisions for things that matter.
Thanks to MacRae Linton for turning me on to Checklist Wrangler today – it’s far from perfect, but if you pair a bluetooth mac keyboard to you iPhone, you can easily and quickly make checklist templates that will auto generate as you need them. Not a perfect solution, but it helps reduce decision fatigue.

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