You’ve heard the adage that doctors make the worst patients? Well, software developers can be a hard market to sell software to. That’s why I’m especially pleased to announce a new Scholarship just for those startups building and selling the tools we all need to build our products.
Code Complete Software, which markets and sells some of the world’s best development tools, is sponsoring 30 six-month Scholarships for startups creating/selling products to developers. To apply for a free scholarship, just email me ( with your startup’s URL or a brief non-proprietary description of what your startup will be selling.
Code Complete Software is one of those companies you won’t find mentioned on TechCrunch – they’re in the business of being the sales force for some of the best development tools and packages out there. For example, they’re the exclusive North American distributor for JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, and other software tools) since 2002.
If your startup is (or will be selling) to developers, why not grab a Code Complete Software Scholarship while supplies last?

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