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  • Russell Thackston, Auburn University microISV Research Alliance, has kicked off the 2010 microISV Pain Point Survey, and if you’re a microISV you should definitely take this survey now:
    • Get exclusive access to anonymized survey results.
    • Get a company profile listed on our participants page (optional).
    • Get a link to your microISV site from our participants page (optional).
    • Be registered for a chance to win an iPod touch ($180 value), an iPod shuffle ($55 value), or a 16GB USB Flash Drive ($33 value).
    • Help the microISV community by guiding future applied research.
  • The microISV Research Alliance is the public face of Auburn University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering microISV Research Lab. Its mission is to assist microISV operators in building and growing their businesses by providing insight and research into topics and issues specific to the microISV community.

  • Saeol Ltd has launched Speech Bloom, the first online study program to help you overcome the fear of stammering (stuttering), and other negative emotions.
  • Burag Cetinkaya, SmartPointment LLC, has opened up their beta of a cool, new scheduling service for small businesses, professionals and online people. Designed by a small business for small businesses, SmartPointment lets small organizations offer online appointment scheduling to their customers at an affordable price even if they don’t currently have web sites. SmartPointment takes the hassle of scheduling and following up with appointments out of the way so business owners can focus on delivering value by excelling at their core service.
  • Jay Cincotta, Gibraltar Software, has just released version 2.5 of their  error tracking, performance and metrics software for .NET developers, and lowered the price for teams.

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  • What’s new at this week. ( is a subscription-based community of startup founders; if you’re not already a member, get your free 30 day free trial membership):
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  • New shows at the Startup Success Podcast:
    • Show #77 [link] [iTunes] This week Bob and Patrick talk with Jordan Ritter, CTO of CloudCrowd, a new kind of cloudsourced labor service. What do you have when you build a system that can take typical business tasks, break them into small units of work, including quality control, and let the cloud provide labor as needed and at cost? It’s not outsourcing, and it’s not crowdsourcing, it’s an Internet-based labor operating system. In this fascinating discussion with Jordan (co-founded of Napster and Cloudmark), we get a glimpse of what the future of global work might become: where each of us act as our own labor exchange, offering a multitude of services and quantified reputations within the cloud to the world at large.
    • Show #76 [link] [iTunes]. Bob and Patrick talk with Shawna Pandya, Co-Founder of CiviGuard. What if your smartphone could save your life in a disaster? That’s the ambitious and laudable goal of CiviGuard, a startup getting traction disrupting the established limits of how technology, governments, disasters and survivors interact. Disasters happen – yet the fundamental technologies public agencies use in emergencies hasn’t changed in a substantial way in 20+ years. How can a city use mobile technology to save lives? If you’ve ever lived through a major earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or terrorist attack, this is an interview you don’t want to miss.
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