Here’s my Flipboard Find of the Week (something worthwhile Flipboard brought to my attention that would have otherwise been lost in the social media noise): Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business by Amber Mac. I grabbed the Kindle sample to my iPad, read that, just ordered the full book and am looking forward to reading it. Do I think you should get it (or at least try out the free Kindle sample on your platform of choice)? You bet!
Amber is one of those amazing people who gets tech, gets people and is a delight to be around, even if that being around is listening/watching her podcasts.
One Amazon reviewer summarized the value of this book better than I; “This book is not only my new bible for my business social stuff but explains the bigger picture in a way that allows you to easily grasp the smaller details & be able to make connections for yourself. So many books just give the directions with no oversight of how it works on the inside both technically & personally.”
As for Flipboard, it’s become my social media reader of choice: as one reviewer put it, it makes signal out of noise. Other social media readers do a great job of organizing; Flipboard does a superb job of editing. I don’t want 249 items since this morning to decide if they matter, I want news.

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