On weekends I try to relax, but this Sunday I must make a holy pilgrimage to my local Apple temple to beseech the acolytes there to heal my precious iPhone 3G of the cursed affliction known across the interwebs as iOS4.
After communicating with the junior gods at 1 Infinite Way this morning I was overjoyed to learn I would not have to bring a sacrificial white goat since my AppleCare Protection Plan was still in effect. Given the magical powers of this document, I was assured I would be able to leave with either my trusty companion made pure again or if the scrounge of iOS4 could not be purged from its processor, a new iPhone 3G would be given to me to care for and pray to.
Nine long days ago I reported here the terrible desease which had ravaged my one true love after obeying the dictates to upgrade. Since then, my iPhone – once a source of pride, happiness and productivity  – has become a secret shame and great pain to my heart as it wallows from application to application.
I begged to be allowed to return to the earlier operating system that performed flawlessly except for dropping calls, but I must have been talking with one of the newest of the faithful because after explaining my woe, they whispered, “I’ll tell you what I’ve heard, the only way to go back is to void the warranty. That’s called jailbreaking and that is something we do not condone… but you could do that.”
What blasphemy is this?! Probably I was talking with some heretic from the Android God, that cult of unbelievers. Or maybe it was a ex-Microsoft Kin tech supporter serving punishment for their many, if brief, sins. No matter; stoutly I refused to heed the Devil’s swooning call.
While my faith in the One True Steve has been shaken to the Core i7 by this terrible experience, I still hope to save my faith, and my iPhone, by humbly appearing Sunday at the Genius Bar at Corde Madera at precisely 2:30 p.m. to plead my case. Perhaps the One True Steve will save me a visit and cast iOS4 4.01 before the merely mortal before then. We can only pray.


  1. Steve Moyer Reply

    Hello again Bob … been a while since we talked about your CSS! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that this is how most of us sane techies see all you Apple fan-boys.
    I have an Apple, a Windows VM and a Linux machine and I prefer Linux, Free-BSD then Windows in that order. These machines are all tools … sometimes they break and sometimes we break them. The worst part of the Apple machine is the diabolical control they have over your machine. Even with Windows I can revert the OS to a previous version if an upgrade doesn’t go so well. And why would you need the extended service plan when they’re the ones that blew the upgrade (you’re not allowed)!
    So good luck … I’m betting you come home with a new iPhone as unless they’ve put out a service bulletin that I hadn’t heard about, I don’t think the Genius’ know how to fix it either.

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  3. Hi Bob,
    I read somewhere that the performance decrease happens because the OS is re-indexing everything in a background process for the search. In that case, leaving the iphone turned on for quite some time had solved the problem.
    Perhaps worth a try.

  4. Bob,
    I had the same problem along with decreasing battery life (even before the update). I went in an complained about the battery life this week and they replaced the phone with a new iPhone 3G without iOS4!
    I don’t know how bad your battery is but it might be worth trying this angle since the battery is also covered by your applecare. The Apple Genius Bar guys in Chicago just shrugged their shoulders at me when I told them my iPhone 3G was going slow, but they actually did something about the battery by giving me a new phone.
    Just an idea!

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