If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know I’d rather sleep with my iPhone/iPad than Angelina Jolie (at least on a regular basis). Fanboy is an understatement.
However, iOS4 update for my iPhone – the 3G I waited 5 hours in line to get – has been a disaster. I tried rebooting. I did a full restore and then restore from backup. I even did a restore and setup as a new iPhone. And still:

  • All apps – from Safari, Messages, Mail to all the apps I’ve bought, now run grindingly slow. They load slow. They respond slow to typing and taps, they close slow. Example: open Messages. See empty frame of the app. Wait one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Click in the message line to call get the keyboard. Wait one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Type an SMS – but not too fast because the letters won’t appear. Click Send. Wait one. Two. Three. Four. Five before for message starts to send.
  • All apps – from Safari, Messages, Mail to all the apps I’ve bought, now crash. Not repeatedly. Not predictably. And sure as hell not acceptably.
  • I can play music or I can struggle through using a different app, not both. For example, I can forget about listening to a podcast while entering tasks in Things.
  • With my iPhone 3G set as a new phone, with no music, contacts, bought apps, anything, opening stock apps like Calendar, Messages, Safari takes three to five times longer than they did before the iOS4 “update”
  • Putting apps in folders works great and is a nice feature. One small flower blooming in the wreckage on my iPhone-centric life.

The Steve says “stay tuned,” and I will because even with this pain in the ass situation, I have faith that Apple will do The Right Thing and pound out a 4.01 that fixes these problems so I have a useful iPhone again. Take away the customizable backgrounds, even folders. I get I need to by a iPhone 4 and you can’t magically add RAM to my phone. But do it quick.


  1. Bob,
    Of all the things that didn’t work the one item you didn’t mention is: Can you actually use it as a phone? Or is that broken also?
    And on that subject it would almost seem like if you had an iPod or iPad with all the time Internet access you wouldn’t need an iPhone?

    • Bob Walsh Reply

      Hi Jerry – I purposely did not mention making calls, because a) That continues to work “Normally”, b)”Normally” for AT&T means calls drop all the time and that’s AT&T fault, not Apple’s, I think.
      Re my iPad WiFi – using iOS 3.2 – is a joy, and Skype works great on it, except on those rare occasions I’m in a no-WiFi location.

  2. oh and to add: I jailbroke my iPhone as well and added the iOS4 features such as folders that way. Without a loss in performance. Contrary to common belief jailbreaking your iPhone is perfectly legal (it is YOUR device, not Apple’s) and with a 3G you also won’t void your warranty as it is out of warranty already, right? Lastly, you can revert back to the stock OS too if needed.

  3. “I have faith that Apple…” that’s the problem 😉 faith is just wrong, and mostly on any kind of technology. You are paying for something and you are not getting it… be it the phone or the service…
    (btw i have a 3g and am not upgrading it)

  4. I feel your pain Bob – I too love my iPhone and couldn’t bear to be without it and it’s small-business life-saving apps!
    It is perhaps the difference between the 3G and the 3GS… my 3G didn’t upgrade well but my 3GS did fine and runs with no slow down on iOS4.

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  6. I did the update too and it was for my Ipod Touch 2G (8GB). Things have gone horribly wrong after the update. Everything is dread slow. Pinch to Zoom in browser takes a lot of time before starting to work etc. I am waiting for a week more and if there is no update to it, I will rollback to IOS 3.
    It turns out for Ipod touch 2G we don’t get any compelling features to upgrade except for newer apps who may be targeting newer OS.

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  8. I am experiencing the same issues. Battery life is also horrible now. With IOS4 my phone won’t make it through the day. From other blog posts, etc. this seems to be a common experience for 3G users.
    Bob, I don’t know why you think Apple will do the right thing here. It is common Apple practice to punish their “legacy” users with their OS updates. I think it is part of Apple’s strategy to keep their loyal users on the upgrade train.
    This is an area where Microsoft is much better than Apple (although it doesn’t seem to be helping them much).

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