Trying something out today that’s new – at least for me: I call it microtasking.
Take all the online interaction you should be doing:

  • Retweeting good posts from those you follow,
  • Saying “hi” to online friends in Facebook,
  • Knocking out 5 quick replies to emails,
  • Read a few posts and add to the conversation, if possible,
  • Updating your out-of-date LinkedIn profile,
  • etc., etc.

… and for 90 minutes do nothing else but bounce between them as fast as you can.
Listening to Alexander Daf’s music makes for a good soundtrack for this.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Patrick Hoesly


  1. That would probably cause me a large amount of stress, as I already feel like I don’t get anything done thanks to:
    * Reading blogs
    * Replying to email
    * Updating profiles.
    * etc., etc.

  2. José Coimbra Reply

    Sounds a little bit stressing.
    What is your objective with those 90 minutes? Do whatever comes to your mind and procrastinate as much as possible so that you can focus the rest of the day?
    I’m just curious 🙂

    • Bob Walsh Reply

      My objective is twofold: swat down all the little social media/email interactions that need attention and do it in a way that lets me completely focus on actually getting work before and after. It worked pretty well. I’ve come around to the opinion that while all the productivity advice out there is good in theory, in practice, you need to decide what to do and how to do it for yourself. Sometimes that means I go with a no email until 11am, rigidly focus on one task at a time approach; other times, deliberately turn the faucet on the Internet to Gush and deal with it.

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