This week I’ve been struggling to set up a new mac after my trusty MacBook Pro died last Sunday (Please, no flowers.). If you’re not a rails/mysql/mac kind of developer you won’t care about the gory details and if you are, they would only keep you up at night.
But one good thing (actually 3) came out the experience; my good friend Corey Maass, PHP dev master and founder of and intro’ed me to two of his RonR friends – Scott and Todd.
The other good thing was by taking the time to compose an email to Scott and Todd with the exception, code, and log and play-by-play, I stepped back from the whole mess, saw it objectively, and am 99% sure the way I installed mySQL is to blame.
One reason why people used to write with ink or a typewriter and physically send the paper to another person was the whole ritual made you put your thoughts in order. Made you think Рnot multitask react. A good thing to remember how to do.
Creative Commons License photo credit: a.drian

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