With the noise level on the internets set permanently to overwhelming it’s rare to find one, let alone three great posts. In the same week. From the same blogger. If you’re not already reading him every day, let me introduce you to Chris Brogan.

  • June 19th – Stepping in Do. Like in doing. “Ideas aren’t worth a damn until they’re moved forward into doing.” Exactly.
  • June 21st – Stay Human. Something easy to forget in the mad rush to tap social media. “Somewhere in this process, we often time reduce the sense that there’s a human relationship element to it all. Sure, we have a lot to do. Sure, we want all our efforts to have plenty of impact. But is that to be gained to the detriment of acting more human?”
  • June 23rd – A Simple Blogging Formula. Want to know how to successfully blog – and by extension, Tweet and whatever it is you do on Facebook? In 816 words Chris absolutely, positively nails it.

That is consummate professionalism. I’d recommend you start following his blog via – RSS, iPhone, web, email – whatever works for you. I am.


  1. Very kind of you. : ) I have another 9 in a row showing up over the next 9 days. Probably another 200 over the next 200 days, if I’m lucky. : )
    Thanks for the very kind words, and keep up all the hard work here.

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