If you want to get someone’s attention, write like Darren Rowse does when he tweets and posts (How I Conquered Being Undisciplined and Started Getting Things Done). He got mine!
Darren found the sweet spot today between too few challenges and too many deadlines, too little excitement and too much stress. What do you get when you hang out in between same old same old and OMG stress? Productivity.
Darren Rowse
It’s worth noting that while Darren could be stress out to the max by all that he’s doing (5 posts in one day, working on the marketing for new ebook, etc. etc.), he’s not. I don’t know Darren well enough to say how he escaped being stressed, but I would bet it’s because he really enjoys what he does, knows when to back off, and that carrot/stick (money) is not his prime motivation.
How about you? How are you doing as far as setting enough deadlines to keep the ball rolling and life interesting and having so much on your plate you can barely lift it? Where the thin line between mundane and overwhelmed is on your particular path changes everyday: the trick is to keep in mind boredom and being overwhelmed are the side ditches you want to steer between, not get stuck in.

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