And now we can at I just put into production Version 2.15, adding Group-centric Discussions to S2D. What’s Group-centric? It’s my stab at keeping Discussions and their Posts on-topic. Over the past 4+ years I’ve been a moderator at Joel on Software Business of Software Forum. Many is the time I’ve wished for some way to organize threads along major topics. At the same time, most PHPBB-like forums go too far, splitting up conversations into way too many topics costing too much time to move up and down their hierarchy.
Basically, I’ve taken the model of the Business of Software (threads with posts arranged by order) and added two things: the ability to see and rank Discussion and their Posts, and the ability to go beyond just plain text.
One of the best things about the Business of Software forum is how little if any spam gets in front of readers. Part of that is FogBugz’s automatic Bayesian filter and part of that is the ongoing efforts of the moderators. Keeping spam out of a forum, and if necessary banning trolls and the like, is a top priority for any good forum. At, first you need to be a member and secondly, there’s a “report spam” button available on every Discussion and Post.
In fact, if you are a regular at the Joel on Software Business of Software Forum,  the Association of Software Professionals Forum, the SoftwareCEO Forum or another software startup forum, sign up for free 30 day trial at, email me, and for the the asking and your participation, I’ll be happy to comp you a six-month membership.
Just to be crystal clear here, I’m not trying to woo you away from any of these forums. I’m hoping you’ll find additional value for your time and participation at and this is a small way to pay back all the help and good advice I’ve gotten at BOS and elsewhere.
Coming soon will be two more features I think will make for even more value: Discussion reputations will be accessible to all members as they browse and participate in Discussions and the ability to not just add a Post but add a Post with an embedded Resource, Tip or Event. So often, people are looking for answers when they participate in a forum: by making it really easy to create Resources, Tips and Events within Discussions, I hope to increase the value of everyone’s participation to all of us.

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