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  • Sarat Pediredla, hedgehog lab, wanted to let MicroISV Digest readers know about a special offer: buy their bug tracker, fixx, and get 50% off the purchase price until the end of July. (Promo code: SQUASHMYBUGS). (Check out their site in any case: nice use of a custom font.)
  • What’s better than having four iPad apps out? Launching four more. Kristina Godfrey, School Zone, has launched “Phonics Learning Game,” “Preschool Learning Game,” “Kindergarten Learning Game,” and “First Grade Learning Game,” for $9.99 each, for preschool, kindergarten or first grade children (or their parents who actually have the credit cards.)
  • Women 2.0 Labs is a new 5-week afterwork program (July 6 – August 5, 2010) for engineers, developers, biz dev folks, and marketing mavens to develop high-growth technology ventures in San Francisco, sponsored by Women 2.0 and open to both women and men. If you want to join one of five teams building a startup with great mentors and support, definitely check this out. Deadline to apply for this program is June 20th, 2010. ( is donating six-month scholarships to all team members.)

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  • One new Guides at ( is a subscription-based community of startup founders; if you’re not already a member, you will need to start your free 30 day trial membership for these links to work.):
    • Getting Legal Advice or Services as a Lean Startup.
    • New features: You now have the option of getting a tweek, email or message when another member completes a Site Review you requested and you can choose to be notified with a tweet and/or email when you are messaged within
  • One new Show at the Startup Success Podcast:
    • Show #70 [link] [iTunes]. This week Bob and Pat talk with Social Media and PR thought leader Steve Rubel on the changing roles of blogging, social media, public relations, and advertising. The days when a startup could get by with only a blog to engage people online are over as increasingly, social media weaves its way throughout organizations small and large. As SVP, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, a division of Edelman (the world’s largest independent PR firm), Steve shares his insights from the bleeding edge of social media transformation.
  • Active Scholarships at

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