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  • There’s a new startup podcast: Startups for the Rest of Us. It focuses on actionable strategies for bootstrapped startups, microISVs and Micropreneurs, with hosts Rob Walling of Software by Rob and Mike Taber of There’s a new episode every Tuesday at, with full episode transcripts provided. [iTunes link]. Way to go Rob and Mike!
  • Will Rayer, Ubercode Software, has a new release of Ubercode out with an improved code editor, optimized highlighting code, and improved tooltips. Ubercode is an easy-to-use environment allowing you to create your own software, Free download available.
  • Keith Platfoot, RBK Inc., has started an open beta of Maintaino, an online, subscription-based maintenance scheduling and tracking application.  Beta participants will receive a 50% discount for a full year after they launch.

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