(Apologies to all for the six-week hiatus the MicroISV Digest took while I was working to get out StartupToDo.com Version 2 and start marketing.)

Community News:

  • BP and the feds may not be able to turn off the Gulf Oil Spill disaster, but maybe you can code a mobile app that will help. At least that’s the approach Jeff Haynie and the rest of the Appcelerator team is taking. Two open source apps – Oil Reporter and Oil Tracker – are in use, and the company that developed these two apps is working to connect other volunteer developers with government agencies and animal rescue organizations. More info here and especially here.
  • Chet Karella of Dangerous Decisions has created the perfect high school graduation gift for parents worried about their speeding sons and daughters: Save Driver Program uses the iPhone GPS and accelerometers to email you when an iPhone toting driver exceeds whatever speed or acceleration set points you want them to stay below.
  • Richard Nichols has released Draw 5 (iPad version). What caught my eye was when he said, “Imagine, it actually took me less time to write a full featured Draw 5 Video Poker game that it did for the iTunes reviewers to review and pass it! This was all from scratch and is fully animated with voice prompts and detailed score history. I say this because someone actually accused me of using a 3rd party game framework!” I think I’m in the wrong business. Details here.
  • Need to be willing to share. Besides all of the cool apps for adults coming out for the iPad (remember a mere two months ago when it was all the rage to diss the iPad? I do.), there’s plenty of goodness for the wee ones. Case in point: School Zone was among the first companies to launch titles, which parents and teachers can download for $9.99 each: “On-Track Time, Money & Fractions,” “Flash Action Multiplication & Division” and “Flash Action Addition & Subtraction.” More info.
  • Steve Cholerton, Arten Science, have recently released the Multi-User MySQL Edition of their popular ContaxCRM software.  Further information on ContaxCRM Cross Platform Contact Relationship Management Software can be found here.
  • The conference schedule for the 20th annual Software Industry Conference (SIC) has been posted. Join your fellow MicroISVs in Dallas, Texas July 15-17, 2010. Special topics include: Selling Your Product on Amazon.com, Code Signing and Authenticode, 25 Ways to Get Google AdWords Wrong, Software Update Strategies, Conversion Optimization, Essentials in Successful Software Promotions, and e-Commerce 3.0. Network with MicroISV pioneers and hundreds of your peers. See the full conference schedule at: http://sic.org/fullsched.asp. Hope to see you there!
  • Speaking of conferences, I’ll be giving the keynote for Deploy 2010 June 24th in Seattle – more info here. Early bird pricing ends Friday, so now’s a good time to hop on it.

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StartupToDo.com, The Startup Success Podcast and other plugs:

  • Seven new Guides at StartupToDo.com (StartupToDo.com is a subscription-based community of startup founders; if you’re not already a member, you will need to start your free 30 day trial membership for these links to work.):
  • Five new Shows at the Startup Success Podcast:
    • Show #64 [link] [iTunes]. Bob and Pat interview Maria Ly, co-founder of Skimble, an iPhone app for tracking and sharing all your sports activities (from rockclimbing to yoga and everything in between). Maria shares her experience as an Apple iPhone developer, how she and her partner and co-founder Gabriel Vanrenen make a business and personal relationship work, and lots more.
    • Show #65 [link] [iTunes]. Bob and Pat interview two key players in the Startup Visa Act – Eric Ries (see show 59) and Representative Jared Polis (CO-D) who is sponsoring this bill in the House. Eric is also the organizer of the Startup Lessons Learned Conference on April 23rd about the lean startups methodology.
    • Show #66 [link] [iTunes]. Bob and Pat interview Tom Foremski, one of the foremost journalists covering Silicon Valley, the world of startups and the shifting sands under the feet of traditional media. Tom was one of the first top rank journalists to go solo and leave the sinking mainstream media ship. You’ll find his analysis of the coming media tsunami and why every company – including your startup – is now a media company nourishing food for thought.
    • Show #67 [link] [iTunes]. This week, Bob and Pat talk with Steven Rodin, President of StoragePipe Solutions, one of the first companies to provide online enterprise backup in North America about the changing face of business backup needs in the age of cloud computing. And we talk (starting about 19:20) with Marsh Sutherland and Ken Herron, 2 of the three co-founders of SocialGrow, a still-in-alpha New England startup that holds the promise of restructuring our social media relationships with business peers and personal friends.
    • Show #68 [link] [iTunes]. This week, Bob and Pat interview friend of the show David Schenberg, CEO and cofounder of BusyEvent.com about new events technologies that change the equation both for organizers and attendees. David shares his insights on why being first matters, not being afraid of creating a hardware-based barrier to entry for potential competitors and choosing a business that can scale.
  • Four active Scholarships at StartupToDo.com:

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