It’s been a long haul, but Version 2 is officially out today!
Four times faster loading each and every page. Supports all current browser versions. With a new layout throughout thats easier to read, easier to work with and just plain more attractive. And now with an industry-standard 30 day free trial period before you need to pay for it.
And to get the ball rolling again, 3 new Guides (clicking the title of the Guide will take you there if you’re logged in:
Improving your copywriting ( by Pietro Polsinelli. Pietro’s Guide will help you write better blog posts, copy for your web site and even tweets.
Recording audio guidelines for videos, podcasts or Skype
( by Corey Maass. This Guide will get you started with improving your computer-captured audio for videos, podcasts or Skype – however you communicate.
Managing your testimonials with
( by colospeedskierboy. Testimonials boost sales, but can be a pain to manage. With, that pain goes away.

So what can do for you?

Guides – 49 today and a firm plan for creating at least 3 a week. Guides take 3.5 hour tasks and turn them back into 30 minute tasks. Rated and commented on, Guides are the wheels for your startup you don’t have to research to reuse. What happens when instead of spending hours bouncing between google, blog posts, and out of date pages you can take a Guide, make it your Project, work through it and get it done? You save time, frustration and energy – and build more of your startup faster.
Site Reviews – Instead of asking at public forums (where your customers can see it) for feedback on your site, create a Site Review Request at and let your peers provide you with targeted quantitative and qualitative feedback. And by reviewing other member sites, you’ll develop the skills you need to explain your product or service, connect with your intended market and facilitiate the sale.

Track your progress, build your momentum. Whether it’s completing projects, reviewing member sites (or asking for Site Reviews) or just recording your development time and business decisions, everything you do in earns you points. And points let you compare your progress this week to last week, to what your friends are getting done, and to an average of everyone.
Tips, Resources, Events, Groups, Friends and more.
Why not try today – free 30 day trial before you have to pay, costs between $30 and $15 a month. Be Successful Faster.


  1. Congrats on the new release! I know much hard work was spent.. hopefully will get around to using this service soon.
    – James F.

  2. Congrats on the new release! I know much hard work was spent.. hopefully will get around to using this service soon.

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