(Various short items in the Startup/MicroISV world I’ve bumped into this week, paying homage to Herb Caen.)
… When Geoffrey Moore talks, startups should listen. Geoffrey, author of Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornato and Dealing with Darwin, is a must-read if you want to get your head around the stages of growth for a startup from bedroom to boardroom. Here’s a recently-made available video from last year’s Business of Software Conference. Hope to see you in Boston for the 2010 confab.

… Speaking of reading, do you have too much of it? With ever more books and more ways to get them (think Kindle; iBooks doesn’t yet have a Computer section – sheesh!), sometimes you’ve got to cut to the chase. That’s why Dr. Doug Green is your new best online pal. Doug, an educator for 30 years now with time on his hands, crafts excellent summaries of hot business, technology, and education books, and gives them away for free. I know of at least one author, Dan Pink, who’s endorsed Doug’s summary. Cases in point:

Lean Startups and Startup Visas are two of the hottest topics in the startup world today. Is there a better way of doing a startup that the “tried and true” approach that creates a few winners and multitudes of losers? Should the US change its visa rules making it way easier for startup founders to come here to build their companies? What do they have in common? Eric Ries, who’s Startup Lessons Learned Conference in the City by the Bay next Friday will be simulcast to no less than 20 cities globally. Eric is also a major force in the Startup Visa movement. Busy guy!
Pat and I will be talking to him Monday April 18th to get updates on both hats he wears, and we’re also interviewing Rep. Jared Polis, who’s sponsoring the bill in House re why it’s (presumedly) a good thing and why anyone smart enough to launch, build and sell three Internet startups wants to sit in the same chamber as Rep. Michele Bachmann. Got questions for “the dot-com congressman”? – leave them here or pick up some good karma points over at Answers.Onstartups.com.
… And finally, just when you’ve reached overload with me-too and silly game iPhone apps, there’s this: Autism iPhone breakthrough: from tantrums to app-y days. Seems there are developers out there who want to make real differences for the better in people’s lives. Good on you!
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  1. I’ve watched Geoffrey Moore’s conference, and remember his points in the ‘The crossing the chasm’ (that I read some while ago). He’s got some very interesting new points too. But his bet on Solution Innovations for the core of a successful business seem to contradict with Saas and lean startup where the process of market fit discovery rely on early adopters rather then pragmatist (he talks about most of the time). Google, Amazon (… 37signals) and many others came about with disruptive innovations, and not even at this stage today they focus on Solutions for specific niches and for ‘pragmatist’ (that wait for weekends to have fun :-))

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