(Various short items in the Startup/MicroISV world I’ve bumped into this week, paying homage to Herb Caen, the best damn reason to read a San Francisco newspaper, when people still read newspapers.)
… March showers have given way to April showers in the soggy San Francisco Bay Area – take a moment to sympathize with all of shivering people who will be in line bright, early and probably very wet to pick up their Apple iPads in person Saturday. Forecast (according to my Weather Channel iPhone App): A mix of clouds, sun, naysayers and media pundits who don’t get it, followed by jaw-dropping shock after your first 10 minutes with your own iPad. Okay, I’m a fanboy. Stephen Fry is a fanboy – and a great writer too (even if Time still does popup ads – sheesh!). But he’s right. And, I think I will be right – welcome to the Revolution.
… One down, one up: Go Test It, the automated cross-browsing startup we interviewed founder Martin Kleppmann for on the Startup Success Podcast (shows #46 and after he sold the company, #47) has shut down. On the other hand, Martin and two cofounders have fired up http://www.rapportive.com/ – it’s a cool Chrome/Firefox extension that replaces the vertical column of ads in Gmail with a widget that’s part social media lookup and part your own private CRM – something that is immediately useful.
… Speaking of podcasts, a few listeners recently have taken me to task re my speaking skills (or lack thereof) on a few (many) of the episodes. That hurt. Especially since it’s true. When you’re in pain, you put aside your pride and get to the Doctor, in this case Dr. Ann Utterback, PhD a voice coach to mainstream media. Ann has been turning vocally-challenged people into professional broadcasters for a very long time – and now she’s getting with the times and offering podcasters like me great advice on how to upgrade the noises coming out of our mouths. If you do a podcast, or training/demo screencasts or talk with customers, this is advice worth listening to.
(Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/troyholden/4078141144/)

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