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  • Show #59 of the Startup Success Podcast is up:  [link] [iTunes]. Should there be a special immigration visa for non-U.S. startup founders? We grill Eric Ries of about the federal bill he and thousands of VCs, Angels, Silicon Valley notables, IT people, and others are supporting, tweeting and advocating.
    Pat and Bob robustly question Eric on exactly how the Startup Visa would work, what it will and won’t do, how this VC/tech community political movement got started, and can social media become political action and even national policy.
  • Show #58 of the Startup Success Podcast:  [link] [iTunes]. Bob and Pat talk nuts and bolts, billing and bookkeeping with Greg Jones, CEO of Bookkeeping Express. A startup is a business and an outsourced, tech-aware, certified bookkeeper using a state-of-the-art online accounting system can do bookkeeping tasks better, and save you money at the same time

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