So here we are, starting another week at your software company. Are you excited? Eager to make new friends, features and customers? If you are not, it will show. Maybe you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for too long. Or maybe the press of business and constantly tending to your software application has left you just a bit bored and stale by the whole thing.
You may be a developer who’s fired your employer, but you’re still a developer first. And developers want, and need, to develop new software, learn new programming languages, explore new practices, push the envelope. That’s the part of what we do that most of us really enjoy.
No one ever said you can only have one app, only pour all your creativity and curiosity into one codebase, month after month, year after year.
So live a little. Go load up what you need to learn a different language, a different kind of programming, even a different platform. For fun. For motivation. As a reward for getting through the urgencies and priorities of your day job.
For example, For the past 2 years my day job has been learning Rails/JavaScript and coding But for fun, as a hobby, as a side project without deadlines, responsibilities, stress, I’m going to go play around with creating native iPhone/iPad apps.
I’ve never programmed one line of Objective C, don’t know the first thing about it and will start with Sams Teach Yourself iPhone Application Development in 24 Hours. I’ll reward myself at the end of day – If I finish recoding profile and about 4 other screens for version 2 – by becoming a real live Apple Developer.
Now that’s my idea of fun! And maybe yours.


  1. iTunes University Stanford video course was quite interesting – I even wrote a Hello World app after that.
    You don’t have to commute so it might take more of your productive time to watch those videos though 😉
    In any case, enjoy and keep being motivated – I’m trying to do the same here.

  2. You are definitely ‘one of us’ Bob 🙂
    Every independent developer has been through what you describe I’d bet. On the Cocoa front a highly recommended book is Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX by Hillegass.
    Have fun – Steve

  3. Bob,
    You have great taste in books (yeah, yeah, self-serving I know). Good luck with the side project. It should be a nice change up from your Rails/JS daily grind.
    I also second Steve’s recommendation. I cut my teeth on Hillegass’ book many years ago and it just keeps getting better every few years with each revision.

  4. I am a database programmer since last 12 years. And for me it is a boring job but I have to do it anyway. So for a change, excitement, thrill and to enjoy life, I do write small utilities like DiskAnalyzer Pro and Crave World Clock. I enjoy writing and promoting these tools online. Its so fun and masti to do this work.

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