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  • Rob Bazinet,, has purchased Expens’d from Atlantic Dominion Solutions (Robert Dempsey). This is a good move for Rob, Robert and Expens’d’s customers. It’s also a good model – on both sides – how to create and grow value.
  • Michael Douma, IDEA, has launched ColorRotate – a 3D color picker for PhotoShop and other programs unlike – and better – than any color picker you’ve ever seen. Seriously. Their pricing model is interesting too: $39 as a PhotoShop plugin, $49/year as an online service. Also, checkout what else IDEA is up to.
  • Mike Schoeffler,, has launched a site to support his new iPhone exercise app. Not much info here, but I like the concept: put play back into workouts.
  • Rade Stojsavljevic, Jet Set Apps, has released BottomLine for the Apple iPhone. BottomLine allows small business owners to quickly and easily track key financial data anytime, anywhere. Users enter three simple data points daily (opening amount, closing amount and average cost), and BottomLine displays the business’ weekly and monthly progress.

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News/posts for microISVs and Startups:

As you may have heard, Apple introduced the iPad January 27th, unleashing a wave of opinion to follow the wave of speculation. I’m very much of the [as yet unsupported by evidence] opinion that iPads are a Very Big Thing and startups/microISVs who ignore the opportunities and disruptions the iPad will bring do so at their peril. Here’s three posts, in my opinion you should read., The Startup Success Podcast and other plugs:

  • Three new Guides (so far!) at this week:
    • Getting business legal services in the US at an affordable price.
    • Meeting up with other startups via
    • The power of Twitter Lists.
  • Show #53 of the Startup Success Podcast is up:  [link] [iTunes]. Bob and Pat talk with Ben Hatten, co-founder of Legal River, a startup creating a marketplace where attorneys bid for your startup’s business. Proper lawyering, like proper plumbing, makes sure bad stuff doesn’t flood your startup. But finding the right attorney who understands IT and startup issues is hard outside of Silicon Valley and impossibly expensive if you deal with a large Silicon Valley law firm. Legal River turns this situation on its head and in your favor.
  • Legal River/ contest (ends Monday, act now!) – see this post and this post for details.

Apologies for the lateness of this Digest – I’m really busy right now. I’m going to try posting these on Saturdays and see if that works better.
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