Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise: my Apple iPhone App was approved overnight and is waiting for you to download free! [iTunes link]. There’s a couple of reasons I thought this was worth doing for me and for any microISV or startup who wants to reach out to the 40 million or so iPhone users:

  • As good as HTML5 iPhone apps are (go to https://www.47hats.com on your mobile and you’ll see what I mean), they’re just not as good an experience as a native app. Click a post, it’s there. Click a podcast, it plays. Nice!
  • Since I don’t code iPhone apps yet, going with AppMakr looked to make sense and at the price last week of $50 I was willing to give it a try.
  • Like most of you reading this, my challenge isn’t creating worthwhile stuff, it’s getting known for creating worthwhile stuff. Anything that helps me reach my primary market of microISVs/startups is a Good Thing.

There’s only one Big Problem: 47Hats, the app, needs your love! Please download and rate it – I’d really appreciate it.


  1. Interesting. So did you have to signup for Apple’s developer program to use AppMakr?
    Overall how long did it take for you to design, build, and ship the app?

  2. Bob Walsh Reply

    Nope – Appmakr is the official developer of record. From spotting the promo code that (up until 1/18) reduced the cost to $50 from $200 to submitted: 2 hours (mostly spent creating a two custom icons). Then Friday to Wednesday for Apple to approve it.

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