(DBF stands for Digital Better Future – it’s a ongoing series of posts on digital developments making the lives of Digital Entrepreneurs easier, better and faster in 2010.)
Go ahead, admit it. You would be totally, ultra-excited to have your online content available as a native (not HTML5) app on the Apple iPhone. And you would be in very good company. Chris Brogan did it. So did Seth Godin. And Jeremiah Owyang, and Tim Ferriss. Of course, Guy Kawasaki did it at least ten times for Alltop.
So why not me? More importantly, why not you?
Well, this morning, I did it. With AppMakr. You can go to http://bit.ly/6u9po1 to see what my app now pending Apple approval will look and act like. A little work in PhotoShop following AppMakr.com‘s easy-to- follow instructions, checking my spelling throughout three times and $50 and I was done in about an hour and a half. Awesome!
I’ll be writing up details as today’s Guide at StartupToDo.com, but I wanted you to know about this today and jump on it because thanks to Guy Kawasaki (see his post now) and his GUYK promo code, instead of $199 it cost $50. But the offer expires on January 18, 2010.
So why should you engage in shameless self-promotion of you, your startup, your microISV, your blog, Twitter stream, YouTube channel and the rest of “you” online? Because something like 57 million people now own iPhones in this world, and free apps are like catnip to cats – irresistible.
Here’s another reason – when you blog, Tweet, YouTube, etc. you’re trying to build awareness of what you offer in this online world – and that means reaching out and making it easier for people to see what you have to offer. Do it – you know you want to.

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