All 10 Oasis Digital Scholarships recipients have now gotten the good news and accepted.
For the next six months these ten St. Louis startups will enjoy what has to offer free, thanks to Oasis Digital.
So what are these startups up to? Have a look:
Jason King,, building a tinyURL like service, only better.
Rob Rose, DealieDo™.  DealieDo is the first desktop application for Windows® PCs to deliver retailer coupons to Facebook members.
Matt Pepple, Noversus LLC, currently developing an application that manages the fundraising lifecycle for organizations.
Aaron Witt, is developing a green wireless home energy networking system.
Mike Menne, a platform for St. Louis businesses to leverage the use of SMS technology.
David Esko, Symytry, a business knowledge and process enabler that handles information, process management, project management, knowledge management.
Nawaz Anwarudeen, Lynxess, hardware neutral software for prescription drug manufacturers to meet ePedigree mandate.
Michael Buchanan,, online nested interface technology.
Clayton Smith, WorldKi, online platform and marketplace for independent game developers.
Ryan, Social media software platform for businesses and government institutions.
While the Oasis Digital Scholarship was the first scholarship, it by no means will be the last. Stay tuned!

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