The first six Oasis Digital Scholarships recipients have gotten the good news and accepted. Of these six, five are already a part of St. Louis-based Information Technology Entrepreneur Network. Startup lesson of the day – it pays to make local networking connections.
If you are based in the St. Louis area and are building a software startup, there’s four Scholarships still up for grabs – here’s the details: Announcing the first 10 Scholarships.
The recipients are:

  • Dustin Blanquart, building a tinyURL like service, only better.
  • Rob Rose, founder and creator of DealieDo™.  DealieDo is the first desktop application for Windows® PCs to deliver retailer coupons to Facebook members.
  • Matt Pepple, Noversus LLC, currently developing an application that manages the fundraising lifecycle for organizations.
  • Aaron Witt, developing a green wireless home energy networking system.
  • Mike Menne, a platform for St. Louis area businesses to leverage the use of SMS technology.
  • David Esko, Symytry, a business knowledge and process enabler that handles information, process management, project management, knowledge management.

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