By Tawheed Kader,
Founder, Ask My Brain Trust
You’re a (digital) entrepreneur, a business owner, CEO, starter, or whatever the word du jour is to characterize what you do with flair. Bottom line? Your company has problems, and YOU are the one that is supposed to ultimately have the answers.
As digital entrepreneurs (I like this title the best), we’ve got an enormous amount of online resources at our disposal. Blogs, videos, articles, news, and tweets with awesome business quotations all being pushed into our screens — all leading to the apprehensive notion of “How can I possible not know the answer?! I have ALL this information at my disposal.”
That’s the arrogance with which we tackle a lot of our problems, whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, this is bad. Really bad. It blinds us to truly realizing how much we do not know. When was the last time you really sat down and thought through what you didn’t know, and thought about who you should ask to get the answers?
Enter Ask My BrainTrust.
At Ask My BrainTrust, we believe in forming BrainTrusts, which is a group of up to seven advisers with whom you can have private, organized, focused and meaningful online conversations. No 140 character limits, no scattered Wall-To-Wall posts, and no task-based project management dribble — just simple unbridled discussions, ideations and brainstorming.
We also believe that every digital entrepreneur should have THREE BrainTrusts:
1) Your key team members
2) Your key customers (or a representative set)
3) Other business owners that you trust
THINK OF THE POWER of having a these three groups at your disposal, to be able to face a problem or a challenge, to be able to realize, “Gosh, I wonder what my customers think about this”, and instantly to be able to kick off a virtual, private, discussion with these BrainTrusts.
While we’re excited about the simple idea of enabling entrepreneurs to set up these BrainTrusts and have these conversations without the hassle of setting up a forum, wiki, or dealing with 50 e-mail threads, we’re also excited about how these discussions work.
BrainTrust conversations are centered on one topic, with each idea organized into its own conversation thread. All of your advisers get to vote so that you can drive toward a clear consensus. Your advisers can participate in the conversation whenever it’s convenient for them, making it more likely that you’ll get a response — and unlike e-mail, conference calls and surveys, the BrainTrust sees all the ideas and discussion, making it a concerted and organized effort.
So, who’s in your BrainTrust? Start one today, Learn More or See a Demo.
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