When I started building StartupToDo.com two years ago, I knew there would be sharp, experienced IT professionals yearning to start their own software businesses, who would get a key boost out of my service, but who could not afford a subscription. Even a small scholarship at the right time for the right person can have a huge positive effect on their lives: I would not have been able to go to college without them.
So I’m very, very pleased to announce that ten St. Louis, MO, USA software startups will be receiving free six-month scholarships to StartupToDo.com sponsored by St. Louis custom software house, Oasis Digital. Kyle Cordes, founder of Oasis Digital in St. Louis explains why he’s funding these training scholarships:

“A few weeks ago I met Bob Walsh, well known MicroISV guru (he wrote the book on it). He has a startup-acceleration company called StartupToDo.com; which he persuaded me to take a look at. The site offers a pile of information, for a fee, to help startups “cut to the chase” as they get moving. I was initially skeptical, because there is such a vast amount of such information for free online.
Then I thought about it a while, and thought about various potential and actual founders I’ve met, and thought about how much time a person can spend browsing around for information, and looked through the guides on StartupToDo… and it now appears to be a worthwhile resource for first-time founders to use (and pay for). Speed is everything, StartupToDo could save you some hours.
At the same time, I’ve been looking for ways to help boost the nascent St. Louis startup and software-company community.
Putting those two things together, Oasis Digital (my firm) is going to sponsor (that is, PAY FOR) a StartupToDo membership, for up to 10 St. Louis area companies.

Here’s how you become one of the lucky ten: First off, you have to be a software startup living/working within 50 miles of St. Louis, MO. By software startup, I mean the company you started in 2009 or will start in 2010 that is creating commercial software it will sell to customers. What platform your app or service runs on is up to you. Second, email oasisdigitalscholarship@startuptodo.com explaining briefly who you are and what (in general terms) you’re building. Include your physical mailing St. Louis address. Third, act now: the first 10 qualifying St. Louis startups will be awarded the Oasis Digital Scholarship.
Details: You should be an adult, not a minor. The physical address will be verified. You will only need to provide your name/email, not financial information. If at the end of your scholarship you want to continue with StartupToDo.com, you’ll be able to subscribe at a hefty discount.
Still more details:
1. Email oasisdigitalscholarship@startuptodo.com if you have any questions, or better still, comment on this post.
2. Local media contact: Kyle Cordes, Founder, Oasis Digital Solutions, Inc. info@oasisdigital.com, 636-281-8657 Online bio at: http://kylecordes.com/about/
3. StartupToDo.com media/business contact: Bob Walsh, Founder, StartupToDo.com, bob.walsh@startuptodo.com 707-939-9002 (Northern California, PST) Online bio at my blog: https://www.47hats.com/about. StartupToDo.com URL: StartupToDo.com, Intro on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBbaAMEj_z0 The retail cost of a six-month subscription at StartupToDo.com is $105 (other subscription plans: $30 a month, $60/quarter, $180/year). Scholarship recipients do not provide their billing information but are eligible for significantly discounted regular subscriptions if they so choose after their scholarship expires.
4. StartupToDo.com is not an academic institution or accredited training school.


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  3. Just sent out the first six award offer emails for the Oasis Digital StartupToDo.com Scholarship. If you’re thinking about applying, I’d suggest you act now. 🙂

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