As part of my digital future for 2010, I’m pushing as much stuff to remember and automate as I can to applications and the cloud. But sometimes, out of the blue, that can come back bite you hard, as some painful, joyful memory thrusts its way into your consciousness. For example, on this rainy Sunday night as I was wrapping up planning my week like a good little GTD believer, MobileMe decides now is the time to synch up 1,242 old events from my Calendar.
Including taking care of Sake, one of our cats who passed away 9 months ago.
That ripping sound you hear is the emotional scab being ripped off my heart. It’s a sound you might as well get used to, because sooner or later it will happen to you. Our Brave New Digital World has problems you couldn’t imagine a year ago.

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  1. For me the emotional turbulence came from linkedin. It suggested I connect with a colleague, quite a normal occurrence really.
    His funeral had been a few months prior.
    Our online identities outlive us.

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