Want to see a near perfect execution of how an old (105 year old!), traditional brand can, with the sharp claws of new social media digging into their thigh, hit the goldmine demographic of 24-35 year olds? Come’on, it will only take a minute and you’ll learn something.
First, let’s go to Twitter where CIW (Conventional Internet Wisdom – and no, it’s not an oxymoron) says old companies flounder like sea lions in ballet tutus:

Huh? What? – perfect bait for any cat staff (dogs have owners, cats have staff – trust me on this one.)
Clicking the URL takes you to the page I screen captured above. No, that’s not a Feline Death Ray he’s wearing, it’s a camera – and if you dig around on the net, you’ll find (flogging my memory), a guy in Germany who cobbled together a WiFi cam in the same way a few years back.
Now go on and click the link and download the PDF – it won’t scratch:

Get the “Scratchington Post” bit? All in all, a well done bit of social media driven brand awareness that comes across as a little corny, but not as [filtered out] advertising, although they should have forked out for an American Humane Association anti-cruelty certification and a big fat coupon.
Now, besides wishing you could equip some of your startup’s customers with the same device, how could you apply a good social media hook that will bounce around Twitter, with a brand awareness landing page and a .pdf that’s not marketing to boost your startup’s authority?

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