by Roger Thomasson,
Editor, Bits du Jour
So, 6 months ago you released a game-changing, niche-filling, 22nd century application.  It’s bigger, better, and faster than even the closest competition.  Then why are sales so slow?  Why are inferior titles posting astronomical download counts while yours stagnates at a few dozen per week?
There’s no question as to your coding, design, and interface genius. But let’s face it, Marketing 101 wasn’t part of your Computer Science course track. So how the hell are you going to get the word out?  Answering that question is very likely why you come to  And answering that question is exactly why vendors come to Bits du Jour.  Oh yeah, that and to make a few bucks 😉
Bits du Jour, simply, is for Windows Software.  More specifically, we offer daily time-limited discounts on downloadable software. While these deals are available to anybody happening upon, our biggest asset is our 100,000+ customer mailing list.  Lovingly compiled over the last 4 years, this list is filled with software enthusiasts that buy on impulse, not necessarily to fill a particular need.  These are power-users and productivity-hounds, always on the prowl for the latest and greatest application to empower, simplify, and organize their lives.  No joke — we have one customer that has purchased more than 80 titles over the last couple of years!
If you aren’t particularly keen to discount your software via your product homepage, Bits du Jour offers a relatively “safe” way to experiment.  The bulk of our traffic comes via this mailing list, so you aren’t in any particular danger of cannibalizing your customer base.  At the end of the day, these are our customers visiting Bits exclusively for the discounts we broker. And there’s a good chance that these customers might not be exposed to your software otherwise.
One of the most common questions we get from vendors is, of course, “What kind of sales can I expect?”  Given the breadth, number, and variety of titles we offer, a generic sales average would be relatively meaningless for any one particular software vendor.  However, the number we usually quote is a multiple of 5x – 15x your existing daily sales.  Many titles sell less than this, and many sell far more, but it’s a reasonable gauge of what you can expect.  And to be sure, if the word gets out on the blogosphere, sales in the hundreds of units aren’t uncommon!
As it turns out, the Bits du Jour customer base seems to be a rough microcosm of the software industry in general.  Our customers buy more software than the average consumer, but what they choose to buy appears to correlate.  If title X sells twice as good as title Y via traditional channels, it’s likely that this trend will be somewhat reflected on Bits du Jour.  Similarly, if you develop and distribute several software titles, it’s likely that your best selling title will perform better than your 4th best-selling one.
But even if sales aren’t off the charts, you’ll still get cost-free exposure to over 100,000 highly-targeted potential customers.  More impressions, more downloads, more eyes looking at your product.  In addition, our active comment boards can provide valuable feedback and a direct connection to customers.  We’ve had more than one developer release a build mid-promotion based on a Bits du Jour customer comment.
As far as logistics are concerned, setting up a Bits du Jour promotion is simple.  Once we deem your software suitable and agree on a date, all we really need from you is purchase and download links, image links, and testimonials if you have them.  We have a team of freelancers that will prepare the witty, grammatical promo copy at no charge to you.  Our standard commission is 30%, taken after the discount and after any associated eCommerce fees.  — Roger Thomasson
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Based out of Philadelphia, Roger Thomasson is currently the copy and submissions editor for Bits du Jour. He loves a win-win situation, perhaps even more than Buffalo Wings.

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