By Fred Imparatta
Community Manager,
There are 450,000 people who take the plunge into small-business ownership every year. Chances are, they’ll need someone to help them answer their business questions. That’s where comes in. In, business owners (both big and small), can ask their business questions, which will be answered by our community of other business-owners, entrepreneurs, and business-people.
You’re in the software industry, a very competitive, but passionate sector. You already have StackOverflow to go and ask your programming questions, when you get stuck programming. But who, or where, do you turn for help when you get stuck running your software business? That’s where comes in. More and more programmers feel comfortable coming to to ask for help on the business side of their software ventures. We like to think this way: Programming Questions? You go to Business Questions? You go to Easy, isn’t it?
What if you are too busy coding and don’t have time to go to Not a problem. If you’re a Twitter user, just send your question to @askstartups. You’ll get an @reply within minutes, with a link that will take you to where you can finish asking their question. Also, they can send an email to, with their question on the subject and further information in the body of the email, and your question will be posted to
We’re growing daily, with new users coming to answer and ask hard-hitting business questions. That’s why we’ve created our Mod Team, with some of the best participants that have come to the site, asked thoughtful questions and given great answers. These great guys help us keep the site looking good, correcting questions and keeping them on topic. Maybe you recognize quite a few faces there, take a look.
We’re also bringing well-known hosts to answer questions from our community. For instance, we will have Gary Vaynerchuk on Monday, Nov 23rd coming to to answer your business questions.
To sum it up, as Joel Spolsky himself tweeted:  “Awesome customization of StackExchange:” is owned by Network, Inc. which is the parent company of another great site:
Take for a spin. Our goal is to answer your business question with useful answers, within minutes. Can we make it? Ask your own business question, and find out for yourself.


  1. I really like the concept of this and the other Q&A site mentioned in a previous post.
    However one thing that I’m finding is that most of the questions that are being answered are more of the generic variety, e.g. general business concepts.
    Whenever there are more specific questions, e.g. law or tax related, they either go unanswered or the answer isn’t as authoritative. (Just wanted to note this isn’t always the case. I’ve seen a few questions that seem to have been answered by pros).
    Now I know all of this depends on the community, but I wonder if it’s because these sites seem to focus on attracting founders rather than lawyers and accountants.

  2. @jackson You’re right. At the beginning we’re more focused on getting entrepreneurs, founders, successful businesspeople. But as the community grow we’ll certainly focus on getting so called “experts” in different fields, such as lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, programmers, graphic designers, and may more. Hey, after all, we have a business to run, and we know about certain aspects of it . Thank you for your feedback and for helping us improve I invite you to post your question, and see what happens!

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