The MicroISV Digest for the [several weeks] ending October 26th, 2009.
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News and Announcements

  • Apologies are in order. My apologies for not getting the last 3 issues of the Digest out. My new startup,, suffered a near-fatal financial blockage requiring an immediate transplant of its payment processor (replacing PayPal and with Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions). Happily, the operation was a success, the patient (see image) is alive and kicking and I can get back to putting out the Digest.
  • Steven Cholerton, Arten Science, have just released a new freeware application – ooSooM – a cross platform task management and secure digital filing application. ooSooM does not attempt to force a predetermined ‘methodology’ on you, rather it’s very free format and open allowing you to use it however you like, but with enough structure to ensure that once logged, information can retrieved easily and readily. (via email)
  • Cathy Tullysmith,, has come up with a neat, fun way of getting her bootstrapped SaaS customer management application some well-deserved attention: Tech eCards — e-Cards for people who work in tech. We finally have greeting cards for those special moments in our lives. (via email)
  • Scott Gerold, Elms Software,  has released ELMS Advantage Online.  ELMS Advantage is a management system for remodelers, contractors, and the service trades.  ELMS Advantage is an end-to-end management system starting with tracking sales leads, creating estimates, generating contracts, processing change orders, and project scheduling. (via email)
  • Tom Markiewicz is looking for additional beta testers and feedback for his new application, StatsMix. A web stats aggregator, StatsMix provides a daily overview of all your web stats. From Google Analytics to Twitter to FeedBurner, monitor all your sites in a single view. This sounds like something I need! (via email)
  • Three new episodes of The Startup Success Podcast since the last Digest:
    • Show #40: Derek Sivers, CDBaby and MuckWork. Derek tells all and tells why he built CDBaby into an key element of the independent music world, how he saved several million dollars in taxes when he exited and what he’s working on next.
    • Show #41: Windows 7 on the Startup Grill. In this episode I put my co-host and Microsoft Evangelist Pat Foley on the hot seat about what, if anything, Windows 7 means to startups and microISVs.
    • And posted today, Show #42: Rob Walling and Mike Taber, the Micropreneur Academy. Rob, Mike, Pat and I discuss this new, exciting and valuable resource for developers ready to cast off their chains and become startups.

    As always, you’ll find the Startup Success Podcast at or on iTunes where we really need your comments!

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