A short post to let you know that:

  • The MicroISV Digest will return here Monday October 26th.
  • The Startup Success Podcast for this week is being worked on at this moment by our Executive Producer, Francesca Amari. Francesca has been the reason the last 6 or shows have come out like clockwork – The issues with the current show are mine and Pat’s, not Francesca’s. Bottom line: it may be Monday the 26th before the next show airs, unless Francesca can work a miracle.
  • StartupToDo.com is back in action after a major screwup left it launched, but without a working payment processing system. As of last night, we are now integrated with Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions and will be adding a second payment processor which accepts PayPal as well as credit cards worldwide, soon.
  • Already, three new Guides (on Twitter, Google Analytics and getting into and making sense of Microsoft’s BizSpark, Empower and new WebsiteSpark programs) have been added.

Now that I’ve rebuilt our payment system, I can get back to giving you very good reasons to spend some of your money and more importantly, some of you time, with StartupToDo.com.


  1. Can to elaborate on the payment processing difficulties? I seem to remember you were using Spreedly… is that still the case and/or was it the cause of difficulties? Only asking, ‘cos I’m thinking of using them too.

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