Here’s – in my opinion – a huge unmet need: online greeting cards for IT people. I have all the usual traditional e-cards covered at Jacquie Lawson, but what about those special moments only we IT/Online people have?
For example Marcus M. just informed me that I was successful a couple of nights ago getting to render right in Chrome at the screen resolution he uses. Perfect Hallmark Moment! Here are some other e-cards out there I’d like to see:

  • Our Deepest Sympathies on the loss of your Hard Disk
  • Congratulations on your Startup’s Launch!
  • Happy Your Server has been up a straight 180 days.
  • And of course the ever popular, Twitter will Get Well Soon – Hang In There!

What cards would you like to see? And is anyone going to start this as a microISV so I can pay them money?


  1. I’d like to see “stop sending me stupid emails” but alas, they’ll never stop.
    Actually, you can design your own cards, add text, speech bubbles, photos, and more at – my other business. :>)

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