I’ve got something new for you. Something that will take a lot of the pain, delay, frustration and wasted time out of bootstrapping your startup, microISV, mISV, indie game house or microlight: StartupToDo.com.
I created StartupToDo.com to solve a couple of huge challenges I’ve seen literally hundreds of skilled developers struggle with over the years:

  • You can spend as much time trying to figure out what you have to do and researching what’s the best way to do it as doing it. Put another way, half the time you carve out of the rest of your life to work on your startup gets wasted.
  • So say you spend 3 hours researching how to do some marketing, or operations or development or business thing, do it, only to find the information you relied on was out of date, overtaken by new tools on the web.
  • Or, you’re about to launch, but you know your startup’s web site needs improvement. Up to now your options have been a) As for help at forums like Joel on Software Business of Software (lots of good feedback, but uneven and can be seen by a prospective customer if they Google you) or b) read books and ebooks on the subject – helpful, but not specific to you, or c) Hire an expensive consultant (like me!)

Now there’s a better way, and it will cost you less than a dollar a day.

In StartupToDo.com:

  • There are Guides that walk you through doing something you need to do, step by step. Guides are rated by the community and commented on. You can request Guides, and that request is rated by your peers.
  • You can request Site Reviews – and other members can do a Site Review quickly, providing you with meaningful quantitative data, useful suggestions, and likes/dislikes. Why should they bother? Because the more Site Reviews you do, the higher your Request is in the listing. Think of it as enlightened self interest.
  • Tips, Resources and Events for and by startups help you with information you can actually use.

The image for this post is a capture of http://startuptodo.com/startupmaps which you can visit right now (as to why a page of a subscription-only site is public, see this post here for the gory details). These are some of the locations of the first 35 members with public profiles (you can stay stealth to avoid your boss): it’s fascinating to see the variety out there in the Startup World.
Please visit StartupToDo.com today: I think you will be very glad you did. And if you’ve already joined, thank you!, and please tell your startup-minded friends about StartupToDo.com.
<warning: mushy personal note>While I hope to build a profitable business, changing the number of startups that succeed from something around 2 or 3 out of 10 to 6 out of 10 is my real objective with StartupToDo.com. It’s the most important thing I’ve ever done. Come join me in it. </warning: mushy personal note>

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