sharewarepromotionsThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending June 15th, 2009.
(If you have an announcement of interest to your fellow microISV, indies or startups, please email me at with the word digest in the subject.)

News and Announcements

  • They’re at it again! Want some free help with your microISV site? Sharon Housley of NotePage, Inc. and Dave Collins of SharewarePromotions will be doing a live website critique webinar Tuesday June 23rd at 5:00 PM UK time (12:00 Eastern, 11:00 Central). Sign up here.
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  • Gautam Jain, Conceptworld Corporation, would like some feedback about his new product, RecentX – a Windows utility that speedily recalls whatever file or web site you were recently working on. (Via BOS)
  • Naicu Octavian has launched AVChat 3.0, a Flash video chat for small and large online communities, and is looking for feedback on his site. (via BOS)
  • Max Schneider,L-Ceps, is looking for feedback on its site that sells learning language software. (via BOS)
  • In show #27 of the Startup Success Podcast Bob and Pat talk with Charlie O’Donnell, co-founder of Path 101, a new York City startup rewriting the definition of career guidance though data mining public resumes. Charlie has been a VC, founded nextNY (a 2300+ social group for New York startups), teaches entrepreneurship at Fordham University and is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at ITAC: Industrial & Technology Assistance Corp. of New York – all of which we touch on in this podcast.

Relevant Blog Posts, Videos and Articles

Further (mostly relevant) Reading

  • Speaking of history, I’ve been really enjoying listening to Mike Duncan’s lively and gripping podcast, The History of Rome. Rome? Think treachery, bravery, greed and plots told with a light, enjoyable approach. Good stuff! (iTunes)

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