Stack Overflow DevDays aheadWant to hear a really, really cool idea? Do five one-day conferences in five different cities where Stack Overflow members can nourish their programmer cores for $99. That’s what Joel Spolsky just announced, and if I were you, I’d sign up pronto since this is going to sell out fast.
Here’s the cities:

  • October 19 San Francisco
  • October 21 Seattle
  • October 23 Toronto
  • October 26 Washington, DC
  • October 28 London

What’s the topics? Not nailed down yet, but expect introductory talks by people who know what they’re talking about on:

  • Android
  • Objective C and iPhone development
  • Google App Engine
  • Python
  • jQuery
  • FogBugz 7.0
  • Mercurial and Distributed Version Control

Check out Joel’s announcement, but this is going to be way cool.

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