trueboxshotThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending April 6th, 2009.
(If you have an announcement of interest to your fellow microISV, indies or startups, please email me at with the word digest in the subject.)

News and Announcements

  • Steve Cholerton, Arten Science, is looking for a few brave alpha/beta testers for his new Mac OS X database query and management too, Orac. (via email)
  • Dennis Crane, (aka Dr Explain for True BoxShot), wanted to make sure people know there’s a new version of TBXCoverEditor out sporting better compatibility with Vista, new effects and new free templates. (via email)
  • Jerry Weinstock, over at CRM Innovation LLC, wrote in to say they’ve launched Web2CRM a new Silverlight SaaS application that lets a non-programmer create a form for their website that will push visitor inquiries directly into their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. This is one of the first Silverlight commercial apps I’ve heard about. (via email)
  • Will, at, is looking for feedback on his new site for PicCard, a new Apple iPhone app that lets you turn any picture you take with your iPhone into a postcard that’s automatically mailed within the U.S. for 99 cents. Cool! (via BOS)
  • Todd Gasall, My Productive Meetings, is looking for feedback on his site and app My Productive Meeting. My Productive Meeting creates meeting agendas and minutes.(via BOS)
  • In Show #21 of the Startup Success Podcast Pat and I interview Ian Ozsvald, founder of ProCasts on the art and science, mystery and drama of creating great screencasts for your startup’s product or web site. Ian generously shares his expertise about how to target your screencast, techniques that make a huge difference, a range of free and non-free tools, ways to improve your video communication abilities and more. If you want to know how to create a screencasts that shines, this is the show for you!

Relevant Blog Posts, Videos and Articles

  • No blog posts this past week caught anyone’s eye.

Further (mostly relevant) Reading

  • The New York Times has a great and ironic story, The iPhone Gold Rush out. Definitely worth the read. The irony is the New York Times iPhone app is a godawful piece of stinking crap that crashes at least 4 times each and every single time I use it. It is easily the most unstable iPhone app I’ve ever seen. Maybe they should hire some of the programmers they profile to redo their app…

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