So tonight I’m going to drive down to “Casual Drinks with Avangate” for the not so casual purpose of finding a few startups to interview for The Web Startup Success Guide ( I realized I might want to do a few on the spot interviews which meant rummaging around for my handheld digital recorder, seeing if its Windows-only software would run in a VM on my Mac and scratching my head trying to remember how to operate the damn thing. What fun – what a waste of time.
Then the lightbulb turned on above my head – what about my iPhone? Faster than you can say App Store I’d found, bought, installed and with the help of my trusty assistant tested iRecorder. Totally easy interface, sound quality is excellent, works like a charm. This is what software buying should be like on every computer.
There’s 25,000 iPhone apps now, a whole new platform for startups to build on. And if you think that with that many apps out there all the lucrative apps are done, ask yourself how many things do you put in your hands on any given day?

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