painlesssvnThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending March 23rd, 2009.
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News and Announcements

  • Hector Sosa, Jr, PainlessSVN, got his first sale of Subversion Server MMC SnapIn this week. Way to go Hector! (via BOS)
  • Vadim Kleyzit, Stimulus Technology, has released a public beta their ASP.NET software accelerator, Web Stimulus, which speeds up web pages 3-8 times with minimal code change. They are inviting beta testers who will receive free licenses. I’ve worked with Vadim on his company’s site and seen Web Stimulus deliver the goods. Definitely check this out if you do ASP.NET development. (via email)
  • Mat Conrad, Homeschool Day Book, got his first sale of Homeschool Day Book this week too, and he’s a happy camper. (via BOS)
  • Greg Driver, Rellik Software, has released version 1.7 of Portfolio Manager, a Windows stock portfolio management application. (via email)
  • David Mytton,, is for beta testers of a new server monitoring application: Server Density. You can email him directly at (via email)
  • A. Perdereau, Afava, has released his second product, TreeCells, a hierarchical spreadheet, and is looking for feedback on his site and products. (via BOS).
  • Show #19 of the Startup Success Podcast featured an interview with user experience consultant and author Lou Carbone, on understanding how your product and site make customers feel, and how you can shape that experience.

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