nullThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending February 23rd, 2009.
(If you have an announcement of interest to your fellow microISV, indies or startups, please email me at with the word digest in the subject.)

News and Announcements

  • If you’ve been interested in Twitter but not sure how it can increase your microISV’s online reputation, Kristen Nicole’s and I’s Twitter Survival Guide ebook goes on sale for one day via Bits du Jour Tuesday, Feb. 24 ($14.95 instead of $24.95)
  • The Business of Software Network is hosting an online chat this week on Twitter and microblogging we me Thursday, Feb. 26th at 5pm GMT/ 9am PT.
  • Steve Li, Cellbi Software, just published SvLite Effects 2.0 – a Silverlight dynamic animations library. Steve is looking for feedback on the 2.0 version of his product. (via BOS)
  • Show #16 of the Startup Success Podcast featured an interview with Rails developer and Atlantic Dominion Solutions CEO Robert Dempsey on going from development house to startup, pragmatic startup development, rails and more.

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  1. Many thanks for posting the link Bob, I hope others find the background material on screencasting to be helpful.
    I also ought to have mentioned – because I like to promote the use of screencasts I’m always happy to review the work of others and offer a helpful (private) critique. Anyone can email me for advice/feedback.

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