Lincoln MemorialThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending February 16th, 2009.
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News and Announcements

Looks like it’s been a pretty quiet week out on the Internets….

  • Joel Spolsky, Fog Creek Software and Joel on Software, shared his Dec. and Jan. sales numbers and asked if anyone else had seen some light in the tunnel? 54 replies (and counting) by my rough count 21 yes! 5 no, rest n/a. (via BOS)
  • Show #15 of the Startup Success Podcast featured a long, in-depth interview with Adobe Technical Evangelist James Ward on what Flex/AIR offers startups and microISVs as platform.

Relevant Blog Posts, Videos and Articles

Further (mostly relevant) Reading

  • Came across Petr Stanicek’s, free ColorScheme Designer; a very nifty tool for creating a color palette for a site or app.

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